Our Student Representative Council (SRC) is a group of student leaders from Years 3-5 and 7-11 whose shared goal is to make the school and our community a better place and an environment in which students may thrive. Each year our teaching staff and students elect a student to represent each class. This team joins with our Primary Monitors and School Captains from Year 6 to drive SRC initiatives.
Our Student Representative Council (SRC) Primary Leaders for this year were presented with their badges during our first face-to-face Primary Assembly today. Voting for our Secondary SRC will take place next week.
The SRC is primarily for the good of others and they like to think of local, national and global causes to support, but they also like to bring an element of fun to their fundraising. We encourage all students, not just SRC members, to contribute their ideas and we hope to raise money for both school and community projects.
Our Year 1 Classroom Teacher, Mrs Kate Robertson, drives this Fun/d raising with the SRC for Primary. Ideas are generated by the SRC Leaders and Mrs Robertson supports them as they shape into events and drivers of fun/ds.
Our Primary SRC Leaders are pictured here with their new badges.
Year 3 – Theo (3B) & Sarah (3G)
Year 4 – Charles (4B) & Quinn (4G)
Year 5 – Will G(i) (5B) & Hailee (5G)
Congratulations and we look forward to the fun/d raising!