We celebrated our SGS community being together today, with families joining us at the Scone Memorial Swimming Pool for our annual Primary Swimming Carnival. The scene was set early on with music pumping out, thanks to Head of Music, Mr Jason Buckley, our favourite DJ. Our Secondary House Captains and Patrons also came along to encourage our primary swimmers.
Not only did we see some great talent in the pool, but we cherished seeing many character strengths bubbling to the surface. Some of our Year 6 leaders supported younger swimmers when they needed help, swimming alongside of them. Some of the strongest support was for students closing the last gap. Bravery and perseverance are really encouraged and celebrated, particularly by each house, given each swim equates to at least a point for that house. A huge thanks to all the teachers and parents who helped today, particularly Mrs Brayshaw for organising the carnival.
The winning house today was Ledger with 651 points, followed by Pulling with 539 points and Jones with 522 points.
Age Champions were calculated based on the number of points they won across races in the carnival today as well as in the Long Distance Swimming Carnival last week.
8 YEARS: Girls Age Champion – Tottie & Runner Up – Evie | Boys Age Champion – Harvey & Runner Up – Parker
9 YEARS: Girls Age Champion – Georgie & Runner Up – Lucy | Boys Age Champion – Quill & Runner Up – Linus
10 YEARS: Girls Age Champion – Quinn & Runner Up – Felicity | Boys Age Champion – Lawrence J & Runner Up – Charles M
11 YEARS: Girls Age Champion – Charlotte & Runner Up – Arabella | Boys Age Champion – Brendan & Runner Up – Woody
12 YEARS: Girls Age Champion – Skye & Joint Runners Up – Zara N & Isabelle | Boys Age Champion – Angus G & Runner Up – Oliver H
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