Lleyton Hails has just graduated from Bond University with a Bachelor of Film and Television.  In Lleyton’s own words, “After many years of dreaming of getting a degree in Film and TV, I finally got one!”.

He finished year 12 at Scone Grammar School in 2018 and went on the following year to study Film and Television.  He epitomises our 2021 motto, ‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.’  For many years he’s had a passion for film and has worked hard at developing his talent in this area.  As a child he used to visualise scenes playing out and from there he developed a great ability to capture scenes…on film.

From writing the script to filming, to editing, it is very time consuming. Lleyton has poured hours and hours into crafting his vision.    He has a wonderful energy and enthusiasm and he’s happy to share it with anyone around him.   Despite him drawing on many of his strengths, his top three character strengths of honesty, love and kindness have allowed him to cultivate meaningful, collaborative relationships which have contributed to his success and have come to bear on the projects he has chosen to work on, such as ‘My Black Dog’, which he launched locally in Scone in conjunction with Where there’s a Will.  We’re looking forward to his next creations and thank him for his inspiration.