We’re excited to welcome Mr Andrew Giblin as our new SGS Rowing Coach. Andrew has three children: Angus; Bill; and Lucy, in primary, here at Scone Grammar School. He has great experience in rowing Sculls, quad Sculls, pairs, fours and eights, back at school and growing up in a rowing family of five boys. Andrew has been out on the water already with our rowing crews, along with Mr Nick Price, Mr Paul Smart and Mrs Chris Brennan who has come back to help to support Andrew has he transitions into coaching. Chris will also still be around, keeping an eye out for our crews at rowing regattas. We wish our crews the best of luck in their last rowing regatta for the season, to be held this weekend. If any parents have rowing experience and are keen to lend a hand with coaching and co-ordinating, please contact our Principal, Mr Paul Smart. Our Rowing Coach and Where there’s a Will Super Spreader, Andrew has a lot happening, so we’re grateful for any support we can show him. Follow Where there’s a Will on Facebook for more about Andrew’s Super Spreading.