Pictured here are students who’ve joined debating this year, having just received their badges on assembly. After a 2020 Covid hiatus, the HICES (Heads of Independent Co-Educational Schools) Debating Competition has commenced again this year in the virtual world. Our Open, Middle School and Junior Teams have all recently competed in debates against Lakes Grammar, Newcastle Grammar and Bishop Tyrell Anglican College.

After a 2020 Covid hiatus, the HICES (Heads of Independent Co-Educational Schools) Debating Competition has commenced again this year in the virtual world.  The Scone Grammar School Open Debating team comprising Taylah M, Tarun N, Sam Band Hamish G were impressive in both their debates this term.  They were victorious against Lakes Grammar arguing the Affirmative case for the following topic – Obesity is regarded as a global health issue. To help fight obesity the Australian government should, as it did with tobacco products, impose a significant sugar tax.  In their second debate, the Open team presented a strong argument against: That every Federal election should also contain at least one plebiscite question.  It was a closely contested debate, but unfortunately, they lost to Newcastle Grammar.

A group of enthusiastic boys make up the Middle School team, including Hugo S, Campbell S, Benjamin F, Archie A, Charlie M and Callum D. They worked collaboratively to prepare their debate and won their first debate convincingly, arguing the Negative case for the following topic – That holding a current first aid certificate should be prerequisite for obtaining a driver’s licence. Congratulations to First Speaker Campbell S, Second Speaker Hugo S, Third Speaker Benjamin F and Fourth Speaker, Callum D. Their second debate will be held early in Term 2 and the topic is, That a 15 year-old has more right to vote than a 70 year old. For this topic, they have the negative argument.

This year, we have a strong contingent of Juniors.  Junior Team Blue won their first debate arguing the case for the topic That smart phones should be banned in schools for all age groups against Bishop Tyrell Anglican College.  Congratulations to Millie M, Jemima P, Brendan A and Cheryl S who presented a very convincing argument.

Junior White and Gold teams both lost their debates against Newcastle Grammar School by a slender margin. Lachie C, Thrisha N, Leila F and Lily S presented the affirmative argument for the same topic and the Junior Gold team had the negative case. This team included Hailee D, Thomas H, Isla A and Ollie S who did very well against a much more experienced team.

Plans are already underway for virtual debates in the first two weeks of next term. We congratulate all students for their commitment to the Debating Program.

Thanks to Ms Louise Broomfield and Mrs Felicity Saunders for their assistance in preparing the teams.

Mrs Deb Moore

Debating Co-ordinator & Primary Teacher