Harmony W completed the HSC last year and received entry into a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) at the University of Newcastle. “To study a Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of Newcastle has always been a true aspiration of mine. This love of learning to become a pharmacist will allow me to strive to do what I have always wanted – to look after people and their health.”, said Harmony.

An Honours degree is a higher level of academic achievement at an undergraduate level. For an honours degree I have to do an extra year of study (4 years to complete). An honours degree will also give me the opportunity to go further into academia than industry.

Throughout school, I decided to apply myself to all aspects of learning, whether it came naturally to me or not. I knew that if I set my mind to something and applied myself to work extremely hard, I could achieve my desired result in the end – whether that be for a difficult assignment or exam.

During my time as a student at school, it occurred to be that you do not have to be naturally the smartest person to achieve great things but, simply, you must be willing to strive for what you desire through hard work, having a strong set of core values, creating a contrasting perspective that ‘failing’  is ‘learning’ and finally, expressing great gratitude for the opportunities you received at Scone Grammar School fand all it has to offer, especially its diligently, hard-working teachers and staff who are always willing to help.

School was challenging at times, especially during my final senior years at Grammar. It can be hard to remain focused and driven during these times, but it is all worth it in the end, particularly if you decide to enjoy your rollercoaster journey.

Finally, I would like to conclude this brief story with my true honesty; that is, you have the power to achieve anything you set your mind to, with true belief that you are capable and willing.