It’s great to see students able to compete again in HRIS (Hunter Region Independent Schools) competitions again. SGS students have competed at HRIS swimming and represented HRIS in swimming at the CIS (Combined Independent Schools) competition and trialed for HRIS netball, hockey and touch football teams.  There’s some strong sporting talent among our students and it’s great to see them training and persevering to develop these skills.


Ruby H made the Secondary HRIS team. Charles and Harvey M and Quinn P made the HRIS Primary team. All students recently competed at the CIS meet in Sydney.  We’re grateful to their parents for taking them to compete in these events and well done to Ruby, Charles, Harvey and Quinn for a great effort.


Millie Crowe and Lizzy Ray made the HRIS team that recently competed at the ACIES (Association of Independent Co-Educational Schoolks) carnival in the Under 15’s.  Well done to both girls.


Open Primary Trial

Georgia H, Isabelle B, Grace S, Zara Nand Emity C trialled at HRIS.  Well done to Emity who made the HRIS team and will represent HRIS at the CIS competition 7 May.

Under 15s HRIS Trial

We have strong netball players in this age group and over 60 students attended the netball trials.  Students with an interest and skills in particular sports are encouraged to trial here at Scone Grammar School to represent our school at the HRIS trials.  Our PHDPE teachers select students with the required skill levels, to compete at the trials. Hallie Croucher, Bridie O’Neill, Addie Hagan, Mak Nelson and Cailtin Atkinson all trialed and performed well.


Each player selected in the HRIS Touch Football teams will compete at the AICES carnival in Penrith 26 May.

Under 15 Boys & Girls

The following students made the HRIS Under 15 Boys team: Lachlan Hails, Matt Edwards and Charlie Merrick. Dan Crowther was selected as a shadow (reserve).  Bridie O’Neill and Mak Nelson made the HRIS Girls team. Candy Brooker was selected as a shadow.

Open Boys & Girls

Darcy Moore made the Open Boys HRIS team and Caitlin Etheridge made the HRIS girls team.