Congratulations to the Year 11 and 12 students who recently received their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. Bronze Award recipients were – Adam, C, Aurora M, Charlotte C, Charlotte K, Chester H, Laura S, Max S, Prue H, Sam B, Sophia B, and Quentin P.
After the disruption of Covid 19 in 2020, students at Scone Grammar School are once again actively pursuing their Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Many students from Years 9 to 12 are busily completing the Service, Skill and Physical Recreation components of their respective awards. During Term One there were two Adventurous Journeys.At the beginning of March, 10 Year 9 students completed their Practice Expedition in the Barrington Tops. On Day One the group hiked to the Manning River Camping area via the Gummi Falls trail. They camped the night and then trekked to the Tomalla Road, where they were picked up by Mr Crowther in the school bus. Throughout the journey, the students put into practice the skills, such as navigating and camp craft, that they had developed during their previous training sessions. The demonstration of these skills proved that they were capable of attempting the Qualifying Journey, which will take place later in the year.

The Silver students in Year 11 also undertook the challenge of a Practice Journey during the final week of Term One. The three day trek in the Barrington Tops started at Polblue Picnic Area, which was followed by a more technical hiking route to the Manning River camp site. Following a rainy night, the group decamped and hiked further downstream to the magnificent Gummi Plain. This walk took the students through open forests, steep and dramatic gorge country and then the open swamplands of the Manning River. The weather and terrain tested the character strengths of the students, but their teamwork, resilience and good humour carried them to the final camp site of the trip, where a warm fire and hot meal quickly lifted their spirits. After another rainy night the group set out for Tomalla Station, where they were once again picked up by the ever reliable Mr Crowther. The Bronze and Silver students were accompanied by Mr Garland, Ms Ulberg, Mrs Brayshaw  and the evergreen Mr Berry. Scone Grammar School would also like to sincerely thank Mr. Scott Mitchell and Mr Robert Teague of Ellerston Pastoral Company for assisting in the preparation of the Silver Expedition.