Year 7 have just begun to study poetry. They have been learning about the different devices that can be used and how we can convey meaning and paint pictures with our words. Recently they have studied Jack Davis’ poem My Mother the Land. Students then tapped into their creativity and used their understanding of personification to write their own poems.


She is the brightness to our dark

The light that guides us through the night

An omen of sleep

The reminder that we are not alone.


She is a rabbit,

Prancing throughout the dark

The one we can rely on,

On a twisted night.


The hope for the criminals,

But also their downfall

The path to our future


As she fades away,

She renders from the beauty of the night,

To the welcoming of the new day.



It nourishes the land with its soft touch

Yet powers down to remind us of its strength

It fills our ponds and lakes with the liquid we love so much

but the liquid that has taken so many of our lives

It rules the land for without it we would perish

But we can be healthy and survive off its generosity

Until the sun makes it leave for another day


We miss it thoughtfully when it leaves us

But are sad when it comes around

It carries the wind with it and brings a quiet howl

But yet the sound of banging drums fills the sky

It Is something we have a quiet fear of

Yet we need and love so much

It drenches our land

Until the sun makes it leave for another day





She greets the dry land

The sun goes away when she comes out

She puts you indoors when she’s out

She makes it boggy and slippery


As she cries gently over the land filling up rivers

She dances over the fields and puts a cold breeze in the air

I can hear her sobbing on the roof sometimes of a night

She taps on my window causing me to wake



She makes the children smile after a cold rainy day

When the sun comes out and the clouds go away

She makes us want to go on an adventure to find a pot of gold

Her colourful spirit takes us to another land

Where magic begins to be real

We start to talk about what we would do if we had her gold

We learn her little tune in school

Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue