One of our Mathematics teachers, Mrs Mardi White, teaches Networks to our Standard Mathematics students in Year 12. This is the third year it has been taught in the new Stage 6 syllabus.

Students have been building their confidence by using the vocabulary and drawing networks by comparing the diagrams that they draw on the board. There are two walls of white board so there is plenty of room for everyone. The ability to erase and replace lines easily has given them the confidence to have a go.

They have been able to accept that a network diagram may look different and yet still be correct because they can see what each group has produced. There have been some great discussions about where and who uses these frustrating things! Networks may be used in planning man-hours and resources for just-in-time manufacturing, for planning and timetabling public transport, for wiring cable networks efficiently, planning garbage pickup or mail delivery and solving the famous Königsberg bridge problem. The students don’t necessarily like this topic, but they are having a ‘red hot’ go.