Whilst the Muswellbrook Show seems a while back now, it is still fresh in the minds of some of our Year 10 Agriculture students who attended the show and represented Scone Grammar School in the Junior Judging and Paraders for steer leading.

Aside from being a great practical experience for these students under the leadership of Ag Teacher Ms Tayla Miller, the students came away with some great results, which always helps to boost confidence and inspire learning.

Sarah placed third in the junior judging and four of our students placed in the top 5 of the Paraders’ final. Georgie received first place, James third place, Amory fourth place and Hannah fifth place. Georgie was then awarded the Reserve Champion Parader.

Steers and heifers provided by Ms Miller were broken in and led by the students and did well in the competition with the following prizes.  Light weight steer class winner – Limousin x Angus | Middle weight steer class winner- Angus & Reserve Champion Steer | Heifer class under 16 months winner & third place.