Our SGS Boys Pastoral Care class has begun again for 2021. This is an optional programme run during Term 3 during Pastoral Care lessons to promote boys’ education in the school and help them foster and develop a range of skills that students can utilise in a range of settings.
This week we had the privilege of having Pauline Carrigan, Founder of Where There’s a Will, join us via Zoom. She provided an excellent presentation that resonated extremely well with the boys. She discussed her own life journey, drawing on the use of her top character strength, perseverance, and how the use of grit is so important when dealing with the many situations that life throws at us.
She went on to explain her motivation behind WTAW and the importance of equipping young people with skills they need to flourish throughout their lives. Pauline concluded the session by running the boys through an activity that enabled them to think about and draw upon the people in their lives that are most important to them. She used the saying, ‘In good times, in bad times, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health’ to get the boys to reflect on the people in their lives they would turn to during these times. We would like to personally thank Pauline, on behalf of the school, for taking the time to prepare and deliver such an inspiring session that we know reverberated strongly with the boys.