Our K-12 Music Teacher, Ms Tori Saunders be nominated for the Telstra ARIA Music Teacher Award – 2021 for her outstanding contribution to the Australian musical landscape and her positive influence on students’ experiences. This award focuses on the inspiring and impactful work done by music teachers across Australia. Final nominees will be announced later this year, following a public vote to secure the award.

Ms Saunders has been a specialist music teacher at Scone Grammar School for nearly ten years. She teaches music part-time and teaches singing privately at school. Tori also performs vocals live (as Tori Vines) at various events in the community. It’s wonderful for our students to see her living her passion for music as she performs, as well as through her teaching. From choirs, to musicals, to supporting many wider Upper Hunter community events, we’re grateful for Tori’s passion, expertise and commitment to bringing music to the Upper Hunter and beyond.