On the last day of the term we had the opportunity to play against Trinity Grammar School as part of their end of term tour. The Scone Grammar School boys had trained extremely well in the weeks leading up and were primed for the challenge. We dominated in the first half with some great running rugby and aggressive defence. In the second half we were able to give players an opportunity to try some different positions and we finished strongly running out 54-0 winners.

The entire team made contributions throughout the game but special mention to our captain Archie A who made lots of ground every time he ran the ball, Tom D and Angus G were fantastic playing in new positions, Andrew C with an all-round effort, Hamish D some damaging defence, Seth C and Will O running riot in the backs, Alec C looked dangerous and Woody S scored a great winger’s try. Courageous effort by the playing group and sportsmanship that is expected of SGS.


On the last day of Term 2, the SGS U13’s Soccer team played Trinity Grammar School in a very fast, competitive game. Trinity Grammar were a well drilled, highly competitive team with excellent technical knowledge. The SGS boys applied early pressure which resulted in the Trinity goal keeper committing a foul. The SGS team maintained a physically demanding game, enabling SGS to score 1-0 in the first Half. Two Second Half goals to SGS were ruled offside and a short lapse in concentration saw Trinity take a long-range equalizer shot finishing the game 1-1.

The team consisted of Year 6 and Year 7 students with Hugo S as Captain, Ben F, Atticus F, Jason L, Connor R, Sam L, Will Da, Sam K, Lachie C, Callum D, Campbell S, and Oliver H with a special mention to Ollie S in Year 5 and Nick F in Year 4 for taking the bench during the game as back-ups in case of injury. During the presentations at the end, the Trinity Grammar team awarded Sam L the Most Valuable Player.

We are grateful for our parent helpers on the day Ryan Froml and Murray Lambley for making this game possible with marking and setting up the Soccer field and to Dylan Catzikiris for his assistance with coaching. We also appreciated having a qualified Referee in Ryan C, Year 11 volunteering to referee the game with the assistance of Year 8 volunteers Tom C and Josh C as linesman.  We are anticipating that this will now be an annual event for the Soccer players at SGS.