To celebrate the wonderful world of children’s literature, this year we invite students to dress as a character from a book that transports them into an ‘old world’, a ‘new world’ or an ‘other world’.    The imagination is a wonderful thing.  Put together some stuff that you may already have at home.  Visit a charity shop like St Vincent de Paul or the Red Cross shop to find some hidden treasures.  Crank up the sewing machine if that is your thing or raid the dress-up box to create a costume based on this theme.

Some suggestions:

Old Worlds

There are so many characters from times gone by.  Felix or Zelda from Morris Gleitzman’s Once series, set in war-torn Europe; one of the characters from the Our Australian Girls series, set in the early days of Australia; Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables; Judy from Seven Little Australians; Oliver Twist or Huckleberry Finn, Mulan from the Chinese legend, a Viking from John Flanagan’s Brotherband series just to name a few.

New Worlds

Peony from How to Bee by Bren MacDibble, a world where real bees are extinct and the quickest, bravest kids climb the fruit trees to pollinate the flowers by hand.

Neoma or Jag from The Risen Sea another post-climate change landscape created by Bren MacDibble about a small community living on high ground surrounded by the risen sea that has caused widespread devastation.  Neoma must set off on a solo mission across the risen sea, to rescue her best friend and find the truth that will save her village.

Isabella Charm, Griffin or Xavier from the Grimsdon series by Deborah Abela, also set in a post-climate change world.

A character from The Hunger Games world of Panem by Suzanna Collins.

Other Worlds

Maurice Sendak’s world of Where the Wild Things Are ; Frank Baum’s land of Oz featured in his classic The Wizard of Oz, Middle Earth of Tolkien’s The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings;  Bob Graham’s world of a young tooth fairy in April Underhill Tooth Fairy: the world of the riverbank in Kenneth Grahame’s Wind and the Willows; the world of Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, JM Barrie’s Neverland, JK Rowling’s Harry Potter,  The Land of Stories; the space time continuum of Sean Williams The Fixers and a thousand others.  There are also the ‘other worlds’ within our own world – the world of a refugee, in Four Feet, Two Sandals, for instance or Jackie French’s Refuge.

Book Fair

Due to the Covid 19 restrictions on the Greater Sydney area, we have cancelled the Book Fair this year.  Hopefully it will be able to go ahead in 2022.