Maintaining SGS Connections

P-12 Dean of Students Nate Atkinson says “Maintaining strong connections with students has been key to our delivery of remote learning here at Scone Grammar in the last fortnight. When students feel supported by us as adults, they’re more likely to engage in learning, they have a healthier level of wellbeing and are more likely to have better academic outcomes.” He adds that “These relationships are more important, and more challenging, than ever in uncertain times. Maintaining strong connections is the perfect ingredient when we are trying to cultivate a culture of hard work, perseverance and grit, as this years’ motto spurs us on to do!” There has been a lot happening across our school to promote healthy, positive relationships between students and teachers.

  • Daily online MS Teams and Zoom lessons where teachers and students are connecting personally, allowing time for usual classroom banter!
  • Weekly livestreamed whole school assemblies to remind students that they are part of a whole school community
  • Daily teacher and leader encouragement messages
  • Regular personal feedback in written and verbal formats
  • Year group online meetings
  • Wellbeing (PAS) lessons, where the skills of wellbeing and a sharing of current experiences are being taught, practiced and discussed.
  • Emotional wellbeing check-ins
  • Engagement in wellbeing and learning challenges (sport, kindness etc)

The Yellow Cottage Community

The Yellow Cottage has such a supportive community and we place a big emphasis on connections. A connecting pathway is the heart and soul of our preschool philosophy. Our recent stay at home orders, has forced us to think about connections creatively, to focus on the quality of our relationships. We have had to consider what belonging and community means to us. Yet something quite profound is also happening in terms of our relationships. We are seeing some positive and unexpected results, including widespread outpourings of support, togetherness and kindness. A community like ours is so important to all of us they provide us with:

  • An emotional connection with people who share our sense of place and experiences.
  • A feeling of belonging
  • A sense of support
  • A way to have our voice heard and valued by a wider group of people.

Being part of a community makes life richer and enables us to thrive. We connect with people and gain valuable support and purpose, helping us to improve our wellbeing throughout this period. StoryPark has become such an invaluable tool for us to share learning and to reach out to one another. We are grateful for the family moments shared, the messages from families and being able to send videos out every day to help our children learning remotely still feel part of our preschool day. Our incredible educators have reached out to each and every family and they have been so creative in their ideas for remote learning.