Being kind and being a recipient of kindness is a good thing — for everyone. Right now, more than ever, showing kindness to each other in the form of patience, empathy and understanding sends a strong signal, especially for children, that everything will be OK. During these challenging times of lockdown, it is important to show kindness, not only to show people that we care, but also to keep connections with other people within our community.

Our weekly (virtual) assembly this morning was full of acts of kindness and it brought a positive energy to the day for many of us who attended. If your SGS family didn’t get a chance to watch it this morning, you might find it a great way to finish off the week on a positive note. Just pop into the SkoolBag messages, click on the link for Virtual Live Assembly and it will take you to the recorded assembly.
Some of our Primary teachers are encouraging their students to perform a random act of kindness as one of their remote learning activities. They have been encouraging them to notice the joy they bring to the recipient and many have discovered that another act of kindness has followed. Students have been pairing other character strengths with kindness, like creativity, forgiveness, perspective, humour, gratitude and so many more!
Some of our Secondary students took on a different challenge this week – to photograph an act of kindness. We wonder if some of them were able to photograph their younger siblings performing an act of kindness! Illustration by Caitlin D (Year 8), photos by Abigail D (Year 10) and Emily L (Year 8).
Where possible, we also want to show local community shops and services our support for them to encourage them and bring hope for their businesses in the future.