If you live out of mobile range and haven’t already changed your internet across to Sky Muster™ Plus over the past couple of months, it might be worth considering the transition.

Sky Muster™ Plus is an internet service that is available through satellite for households outside mobile range (the coverage of fibre-optic cable services or nbn fixed wireless towers). Everything that you do online is unmetered (doesn’t get added to the data you use) except for video streaming or the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) traffic.

In other words, you can do Zoom meetings and downloads without it adding to your data allowance for the month. Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint are unmetered unless you are using a VPN. The latter apps and cloud storage that Scone Grammar School uses does not require VPN, so saving, downloading and uploading should not be adding to your metred data usage allowance. Your main concern for chewing up data is any kind of video streaming eg Netflix or YouTube.

The two main providers of Sky Muster™ Plus are Activ8me and SkyMesh. For more information, visit the NBN Co website.