Poem by Bella G (Year 9 English)
Inspired through Remote Learning

Leaves soft like fabric

My usual three bird visitors sweep in onto the water fountain

And chirp and splash in the hot sun

They fly away swiftly with the bark of my Labrador Primrose

Along with the giggles of the neighbourhood kids

I see the neighbours orange trees through the passionfruit vines

The colour so bright, and the smell so sweet

A brisk breeze flows through

Over my lavender, mint, and basil

Sending a sweet scent towards my open window

A smell just like garden herbal tea

And it tastes just the same

The window wide open, parallel from my bed

With my wood shelf filled with old trophies, photo frames and teddy bears

From when I was young

Plus with a deck, with a corkboard of memory photos with my family and friends

Each on either side

I look out my bedroom window, and see a glow of sunlight

Draping over my small little alley sized garden

With a guardian tree oak standing in the middle

Peeking out from its shadow light are my snow pea sproutsThe birds perch cautiously on the worn out white chairs next tot the garden

And watch wearily as Primrose pitter patters back up to the deck to sleep

And they fly off in a burst of wind

Chasing each other through the bright cold breeze

The same glossy breeze puts a cold touch on my face

And I think

What a lovely, homely place I have outside my window

I leave my window to go back to work

Still hearing the soft chirps of the birds, echoing in the distance