Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have decided to move the Creative ARTS SHOWCASE to Week 5 of Term 4. The Creative Arts Showcase will be online, similar to last year, but we are not asking for the students in The Yellow Cottage, Primary or Secondary to complete a piece of artwork.  Instead we are asking them to take a photo, focusing on ‘what made the impossible, possible’ during our experience in lockdown and on-line learning this term.

This is an extremely wide concept. Ideas that the students could come up with include taking a photo of: family, a pet, an activity they are enjoying, such as horse riding, playing with siblings or school work, a special place like a cubby house, dreams of what they’re looking forward to, digital meetings with friends, or exercising with someone.

We appreciate your support in helping to make this change for the Creative Arts ShowcaseMore details will follow on how and who to send the photo to and when the cut-off date will be. The holidays are a great opportunity to start thinking, planning and even taking the photo. Enjoy your time with your family. If you have any more questions or queries, please contact fsaunders@sgs.nsw.edu.au

Creative Arts Showcase Committee