This week, while home learning, Kindergarten have been noticing things around the home as they play detective. Each day the students are given a task where they must use their noticing skills to identify literacy or mathematics concepts. On Tuesday, students had to identify as many patterns as they could at home. Some found 20 different ones! Yesterday they were looking for known blends in story books that they own. Even though students think they are just having fun, they are learning the skill of noticing what is around them and what can help them to understand a concept.
There is a lot of incidental learning going on at home, too. We have seen learning about flags around the world, experimenting with chemistry, art, meditation, just to name a few. It is wonderful to see parents embracing the idea of play-based learning and encouraging their children to explore things that they are interested in.
This week Kindergarten got a special surprise in their work packs. Some days we get blue and we just don’t feel like working. Kindergarten were given a bubble wand to blow their troubles away when things get a bit tough to help build resilience, bravery and zest, learning how to let their troubles go and have a bit of fun.
Miss Southwell, Mrs Cahill, Miss Fitzsimmons and Mrs Jones are so proud of Kindergarten students and their Mums and Dads for trying so hard to keep learning.