Hello from the P&F Association! As we are not meeting this month, a quick update is due!  The P&F has two main objectives: 1. We strive to build connections with families and parents of the school.  2. Fundraising, with the intention of using the funds raised to make an immediate impact.  Collectively, we aspire to positively impact the school.    Read more

The P&F also run the Clothing Pool which brings me to my first exciting bit of news… Erryn Day has joined the forces at the Clothing Pool! Together, she and Belinda Sowter have been busy working to spruce things up, re-organise and refresh a tired space. When we are back at school, please pop in and check it out!  Opening hours are Mon-Fri, 8am-11am.

We have a few events in the pipeline that can be quickly organised when the green light is given to return to school – Colour Fun Run, a Golf Day, smaller playground enhancements, coffees for teachers, etc.  If you have anything you would like to raise, please feel free to contact us anytime: parentsandfriends@sgs.nsw.edu.au

As we continue to navigate through tricky times, the P&F would like to particularly THANK the teachers and staff who continue to impress week after week of home learning with their energy, passion, time & effort to make things run smoothly and effectively for all our kids. And to the parents & carers, this has not been easy.  Each day presents its’ unique obstacles and everyone’s situation is different.  Looking forward to the return of school, for many different reasons!

Charlotte Parry-Okeden, on behalf of the P&F Association