nrlCaitlyn Etheridge (Year 12, SGS) made St George Dragons Tarsha Gale NRL train-on squad last week.

Alyssa Mollema (Year 12, SGS School Captain) appointed Captain of the Archery NSW Youth Team last month.

Caitlyn will relocate to train with the St George Dragons Tarsha Gale train-on squad next year and is hoping to study vet nursing while training.  Alyssa will complete her HSC next year as she captains the Archery NSW Youth Team next year, with plans to compete at an elite level in archery and study to become a paramedic, following school.

Caitlyn has developed her wide-ranging athletic talents over the years, representing Australia in 100m hurdles and long jump back in 2018.  Over the past few years, she began playing Rugby Union and Rugby League and has enjoyed and excelled in both codes.  SGS PDHPE Teacher, Miss Yasmin Meakes has been mentoring Caitlyn this year and Miss Meakes’ experience playing both Rugby League and Union at an elite State and Country representative level has given Caitlyn insights and inspiration.

Alyssa has been participating in archery for a few years now, with a dream for her chosen specialty, Compound Archery to be included in the Olympics.  Her role as Captain combines her talent for archery with her leadership strengths and will enable her to develop these even further.  Taking an HSC Pathway programme which stretches her Year 11-12 subjects over three years instead of two has given her time to give archery the focus she would like to.  Alyssa is mentored by our Head of Secondary, Mrs Deanna Hollis who has an obvious leadership strength and a keen interest and talent for golf.

“It is such a joy to see the talents of both Alyssa and Caitlyn recognised in this way, but also to see an exciting pathway to develop their talents even further in the future.   Both girls have worked hard at their talents, epitomising our 2021 school motto, ‘In 2021, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard’.”, says SGS Principal, Mr Paul Smart.

SGS Head of PHDPE, Mr Jason Croucher had a vision for creating pathways for our students with sporting talent. The Elite Performance Pathway programme was created in 2019 for this purpose. Scone Grammar School also has a mentor programme to enable Year 12 students to be mentored by one of the SGS teachers.

“I’ve had some amazing archery opportunities and experiences over the years and this captaincy coupled with stretching Year 11 and 12 out over three years, will help me to achieve a balance between completing my HSC and developing my archery and leadership to a new level.”, says Alyssa Mollema.

“I really enjoy playing sport at this level and making the most of opportunities that come my way.  Being mentored by Miss Meakes has helped me to learn and grow so much this year and I’m excited about the future.”, says Caitlyn Etheridge.