Our SGS Year 10 Agriculture students spent last week at the Wingham Beef Week. It was experiential learning at its best and the students’ smiles said it all. They were led by their mentor and Agriculture teacher, Ms Tayla Miller, who has her own cattle breeding business, Blue Gene Cattle Company, and is passionate about presenting in the beef industry.
Experiencing success can be very motivating for students and realising their strengths builds confidence, helping to stretch their learning. The students really showed commitment, working with cattle during the holidays, after school and on weekends. Well done to all for working hard on their strengths!
We’re thrilled to see so many of these students in this space and are grateful to Ms Miller and our Head of Mathematics & Science faculty, Ms Joanne Cutler, for accompanying and supporting them during their week away.
All the places we have highlighted below have received ribbons for their efforts and many received prizes as well. We’re extremely grateful to Kay Payne, the Miller family of Blue Gene, Matt and Kelly Frost, and Berdihold Limousins for providing the 9 animals (2 steers and 7 heifers) for our students to work with. We’re also grateful to Bower’s Heavy Haulage for transporting the cattle for us.
– Grand Champion Parader, across all age groups and classes – Clayton P
– Paraders 15s age group – placing in their classes – 1st Matt E, Logan Q & Clayton P | 3rd – Millie C | 4th Jim P | 5th – Ally A, Alex B & Sam R | HC Tom C & Kady S
– Junior Judging 16s age group – 5th – Mikayla C
– Junior Judging 15s age group – 3rd – Sam R | HC Mac C
Intercollegiate Meat Judging (ICMJ)
– Beef Carcasses and Rumps judging – 2nd overall- Zali Wallings
– Beef Carcasses & Rumps Judging – Champion Team of 4 and Meat Judging Team – Overall – Reserve – Clayton P, Zali W, Ally A & Millie C
Steer classes – 1st- Angus X Limousin steer and Champion light middleweight steer and reserve champion steer overall – bred by Clayton P | 5th- Hereford steer- bred by Kay Payne
Carcass Class – with Hereford steer bred by Kay Payne, prepped at Scone Grammar School. This also received 92.01, the third highest scoring carcass of the whole competition.
Heifer classes – 1st- Destiny Saige, owned by Matt and Kell Frost, who also donated two other heifers | 1st- Blue Gene Shine and overall Champion Heifer, owned by Tayla Miller, who also donated another heifer | 1st- Berdihold Scarlett, owned by Berdihold Limousins, who also donated another heifer
– Champion Overall Best Presented Parader- Alex B
– Champion Overall Herdsperson- Sam R & Rouke S received 4th overall
– Bill Hobbs Encouragement Award- HC Mac C
Photo by Monique McKinnon, from Branded Ag Marketing, (who also used to be an educator at The Yellow Cottage Preschool).