Over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the weekend before last, we had 43 Scone Grammar School (SGS) students participating and preparing 18 animals in the Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza, which involved a total of 550 students.

The parading competition involved students leading an animal into the ring to show to the judge. Out of our 41 students, 36 placed in their classes.

This was the first showing experience for our Primary students. They worked hard and showed great enthusiasm, coming in during the holidays and after school to practice and lead animals. Ollie Sh, Mia B, Charlie C and Amelia B all placed first in their heats and each went on to contend for the Champion Overall Primary Parader, which Ollie S was awarded.

In the 16 years age group, Millie C placed first in her heat and went on to be within the top three of her age group.

All students entered the judging on Sunday where they had to judge steers, heifers and bulls, and place each of the animals. Those who made it into the top five were asked to give an oral presentation to explain their choices. Out of the Primary students, Sam S placed fifth and Amelia B placed fourth. Callan W placed fourth in the 15 years and Alex B placed fifth in the 16 years group.

We had had five steers enter in hoof and hook competition. Two steers bred by Wamsley Partnership placed 4th and 5th in their hoof classes and then placed 3rd and HC in their hook classes. A steer bred by Kay Payne placed 3rd in his hook class. A steer bred by Silver Gully Square Meaters placed HC on the hook while our final steer bred by D & H Taylor Placed 3rd on the hook in his respective class.

Our Year 9 and 10 Agriculture students worked hard helping the committee to set up in the rain and our Year 11 Agriculture students packed tags to send out. Our cattle team really worked hard to prepare the animals during the holidays, weekends and after school.

James W was one of the student leaders of the team. One of the schools couldn’t make it due to the floods, although they were able to send their animals. James looked after their animals, starting at 5am just so that they could compete. He was also very helpful in loading the animals SGS students competed with.

We’re very grateful to all of the Ag students’ parents for their help and support. Miss Tayla Miller, our Agriculture Teacher did an incredible job of planning, teaching and organising these students and animals. Mrs Joanne Cutler, our Head of Science and Maths also provided fantastic support, both at the Beef Bonanza and onsite at school.

Thank you to the following cattle donors, for allowing us to prepare their animals which has enabled this fantastic experience to many of our students; Wamsley Partnership, D & H Taylor, Kay Payne, Silver Gully Square Meaters, LNA Livstock, M & K Frost, Target Livestock, Glenfaba Angus and Blue Gene Cattle Co.