Scone Grammar School has adopted a ‘bring your own Dedicated Device in the form of an iPad (BYODD) approach for students in Years 4, 5, and 6.

From the beginning of 2018 we have introduced the Office 3645 suite of programmes and opportunities. This includes the full Microsoft Office suite for all students and staff. Students will be able to start a document at school and then switch between devices and continue working on the same document in a different location or device. It also provides greater opportunities for students to collaborate on tasks together. There are a number of possibilities that Office 365 can provide and we are looking forward to learning more about Office 365 to enhance the learning of our students.

Whilst we will not be saying that students need a particular device, we do have minimum specifications.

So what does this mean for your child?

  • Students in Kindergarten to Year 3 will continue to use school-owned iPads in a shared arrangement with other students.
  • Students in Year 4, 5 and 6 are to have an individually owned (BYODD) iPad.

BYODD iPad Specifications

Scone Grammar School has appointed CompNow as the school’s BYODD provider. CompNow provide an online portal to help facilitate the process of purchasing a new device by offering a range of devices that meets the minimum specifications set by the school, at competitive pricing. Prices on the portal include educational discounts which may not be available via other providers.

In addition to competitive pricing, the portal also includes the recommended 3-year onsite warranty and accidental damage protection (ADP) which may not be offered by third parties. Please note that the Microsoft Surface Pros require you to make one of two warranty selections (with and without ADP), while the MacBook Airs include the 3-year AppleCare+ warranty with ADP in the bundle (an extra charge if purchased by third parties).

The portal can be accessed at the following link:

You do not have to use this service, however, it does simplify the process for you. If you would prefer not to purchase a device via the BYODD portal, please ensure the device you select meets the minimum technical specifications (attached). Scone Grammar School highly recommends that you purchase a device with 3-year onsite warranty, and accidental damage protection (insurance).

For further information, or for purchasing assistance, please email or please call our the CompNow BYOD team on 02 9951 7979.

The following Primary school staff member can also be contacted for advice about the BYODD programme:

Janet Walsh, Lead Teacher of Innovation and Learning