We aspire to develop an Elite Performance Pathway that utilises a holistic approach to identify, nurture and develop student athletes to reach their full potential in both their academic and sporting ambitions, whilst providing opportunities to train and be mentored in an environment of excellence by top quality coaches and facilitators.

This programme is dedicated to developing both technical skills as well as fostering the development of values, attitude and character that bely not just developing athletes but also thriving young people, in conjunction with our whole school approach to Positive Education.


Aims of Elite Performance Pathway

The Elite Performance Pathway aims to provide pathways for the development of athletes initially in the  Secondary part of the School with the opportunity of offering to Primary students at a later stage.

The Pathway Programme aims to:

  • Teach students to balance their sporting and academic studies in a supportive educational environment;
  • Promote a ‘high performance culture’ for students focusing on sporting excellence and academic achievement;
  • Provide students with high performance culture, research based training programmes and structure-support systems, including a variety of sports science approaches surrounding medicine, psychology and nutrition.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

The Elite Performance Pathway is an extension of the School Sport programme. Students will have the opportunity to apply for a position in the Elite Performance Pathway Programme who represent SGS at sporting events at all levels including HRIS, AICES, CIS (or Club) across a variety of individual and team orientated representative levels.

The criteria for selection on merit is based on the following:

  • An outstanding sporting record or potential;
  • A sound academic record;
  • An excellent attitude towards school;
  • A fitness test conducted by staff.

Successful applicants to the Elite Performance Pathway should be aware regular attendance and participation in coaching and training sessions conducted by SGS staff is compulsory and is a condition of placement into the Pathway.

Student progress in the Elite Performance Pathway will be evaluated during the year. This will occur during our mid-term and end of year review. Information regarding each evaluation will be sent to parents.


To apply

Please complete the form at the link below and email it to: Mr Jason Croucher

Elite Performance Pathway Application Form