Congratulations to Class of 2017 on their HSC results. We are delighted with the results and the achievements of all our students. 8% of our cohort achieved Band 6s, with 37% achieving Band 5 and Band 6 results.


Special mention to Shannon Nichols who achieved Band 6s in 5 of her 6 subjects (Drama, English Advanced, English Extension 1, Visual Arts and Community and Family Studies); Mardi Norton who achieved three Band 6s (Ancient History, History Extension and English Extension 1) and Lizzie Croaker who achieved two Band 6s (Modern History, Mathematics Extension 2). Achieving one Band 6 each were Fintan Conway (Mathematics Extension 2), Brydie Moore (English Advanced), and Mackenzie Barker (Mathematics Extension 2).

All Extension English students achieved a Band 5 or Band 6 and two Band 6s were achieved in English Advanced.

All Extension 2 Maths students achieved Notional Band 6s.

In summary, Band 6s were achieved in the following subjects – English, Extension English, Extension 1 Maths and Extension 2 Maths, Ancient History, Modern History, Extension History, CAFS, Drama & Visual Arts.

Many of our students have already received Early Entry offers to Universities, and we congratulate the entire year group for all their hard work and contribution to SGS over the years. Many thanks to the teaching staff for their hard work, commitment and support of this HSC group throughout the year.