There are a number of internet search engines. Most people are familiar with:

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that does not track you.

Google Scholar searches scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources including theses, books, abstracts and articles.

SweetSearch4Me is a search engine designed for students. It only searches websites that research experts, librarians and teachers have approved. It is American so the content is suited to elementary schools.


Safe Search Kids is the Google search engine for kids, where safe search is always on.

InstaGrok is a research tool that allows users to build a concept map to which they can pin notes, websites, videos and facts.

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Creative Commons helps you find content you can share, use and remix without infringing on copyright. You should always verify that the work is actually under a CC license by following the link.


Webwombat and Anzwers are Australian and New Zealand search engines.

Newsmap is a visual news aggregator that gives access to news from around the world. It allows you to choose a country and/or section of news you are interested in. e.g. world news, business.

Metasearch Engines

When you use a metasearch engine you submit keywords in a search box, and it transmits your search simultaneously to several individual search engines and their databases of web pages.

Dogpile for example searches Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. Within a few seconds, you get back results from all the search engines queried. The results are good if you want to explore broadly but search engines are better to use for more precise searches.

Australian Screen provides online access to information about the Australian film and television industry. It contains information about and excerpts from a wide selection of Australian feature films, documentaries, television programmes, newsreels, short films, animations, and home-movies produced over the last 100 years.

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