Academic Integrity means being honest about the contribution of others to your work and the way you behave during tests and examinations.

I am being honest when I cite the website I used to help construct this page:

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According to Professor Peter McPhee (Provost 2007-2009), “The most important attribute that The University of Melbourne would like to see in its graduates is a profound respect for truth, and for the ethics of Scholarship….we want our graduates to be capable of independent thought, to be able to do their own work, and to know how to acknowledge the work of others.”

The same is true for students at Scone Grammar School.

But what is plagiarism and when should you cite sources?

Me? Plagiarize?

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Plagiarism Rap

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Plagiarism is using someone else’s words and ideas as if they were your own. Some examples of plagiarism are:

  • Copying information from a website, book, song, film, image or another student and presenting it as your own
  • Paraphrasing, quoting or using ideas from sources, without acknowledging your source material in a reference list
  • Translating whole sentences using an internal translator in a language assignment

To avoid plagiarism

  • Take notes in your own words under sub-headings relevant to your assignment
  • Avoid cutting and pasting
  • Find information from a number of sources
  • Cite your sources throughout your assignment and in a reference list
  • Use quotation marks if you are making a direct quote of somebody else’s work
  • Acknowledge photographs, song lyrics with a caption citing their creator and source

Acceptable / Unacceptable

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