The best way to complete an assignment that answers the question and shows an understanding of the facts and ideas read, is to follow the series of steps below called the “information process.”

Understand the Task

  • Work out what you have to do
  • Highlight key words
  • Look up words you don’t understand
  • Paraphrase it – put it in your own words
  • Identify key sections of the task
  • Break down your topic into smaller parts – use dot points and/or a mind map to do this

Locate Information

  • Use the Library computer catalogue
  • Use Britannica Schools
  • Search internet sites and use online resources like databases
  • Ask the Library staff
  • Keep a record of the sources of your information in a bibliography

Select and Analyse

  • Choose relevant information and make notes
  • Make sure the sources you use are up-to-date and reliable
  • Only collect information relevant to your task
  • Be aware of the bias that some sources of information may contain
  • Make notes under key headings or highlight key parts of an article

Organise and Synthesise

  • Put the information you have collected into your own words
  • Use headings, sub-headings or topic sentences to build the framework of your task
  • Ensure that you have covered all sections of the task
  • Make judgements and draw conclusions if required

Create and Present

  • Follow presentation instructions
  • Edit your work carefully
  • Make sure your bibliography is written correctly and contains all the sources of information used

Reflect and Evaluate

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your task
  • Read teacher feedback carefully and identify the areas they have highlighted as areas for improvement
  • Focus on making these improvements in your next task
  • Seek help where required