Fees for 2019

Fees are:

$26.00 for those turning 4 before 31 July 2019 (that attend at least 15 hours a week – and do not fall under a different category)

$42.00 for those that are 3 (or turning 4 after 31/07/2019 – and attending at least 15 hours a week)

$52.00 for those that do not fall under any of the above

Our low income/ Aboriginal/ TSI fee for 2019 is $10.00

The Yellow Cottage Fees are in alignment with the NSW new preschool funding model for 2019 which encourages the enrolment of four and five year old children into preschool programmes.

A non refundable Administration Fee of $100 is payable for each child enrolled at The Yellow Cottage.

There will be no discounts offered from this fee. i.e. sibling discounts or staff discounts.

Download an Application for Enrolment here.

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