Privacy Policy

This statement outlines the School’s policy on how personal information is provided to or collected by and how it is used and managed. The School is bound by the National Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act.  To obtain a copy of the Privacy Policy, click here.

Child Protection Policy

Both you and the School have a range of different obligations relating to the safety, protection and welfare of students which are outlined in the Child Protection Policy. To view a copy of the Child Protection Policy, click here.

Whistleblower Policy

The purpose of this Integrity Assurance (Whistleblower) Policy is to support the highest standards of ethical behaviour within the Diocese, the Newcastle Anglican Church (NAC) and their Related Bodies Corporate.  To view a copy of this Whistleblower Policy, click here.


Other policies are listed below.

Attendance and Exemptions Policy and Procedure

Complaints and Grievances Guidelines and Procedure Students and Parents

Critical Incident Management

Staff Code of Conduct

Welfare and Discipline Policy

Enrolment Procedures

SGS Enrolment Acceptance Form

Mobile Phone Policy