Tuition Fees

The School year is divided into four terms beginning in January, April, July and October each year. Tuition Fees are charged at the commencement of each term except for Year 12 fees which are paid over the first three terms.  Payment terms are 14 days from receipt of invoice. Annual Tuition fees may be paid in full at the commencement of the School Year. This attracts a discount of 5% from the net annual tuition fee if full payment is received by the last day of February. No discount is given on the Resource Activity Levy.

2023 School YearTerm FeeAnnual Fee           
Kindergarten - Year 2$1,035$4,140
Years 3-4$1,103$4,412
Years 5-8$1,242$4,968
Years 9-10$1,435$5,740
Year 11$1,850$7,400
Year 12$2,467$7,401 (3 terms)

(Note: Elective Distance Education / Vocational Education subjects may incur additional charge.)

Annual Resource Activity Levy

This levy covers all whole school, grade activity or resource costs. The levies vary per year group due to the different excursions and programmes offered and will be charged across the year in term instalments.

2023 School YearTerm FeeAnnual Fee
Year 1$112$448
Year 2$126$504
Year 3$182$728
Year 4$195$780
Year 5$210$840
Years 6-8$224$896
Years 9-10$251$1,004
Year 11$335$1,340
Year 12$150$450 (3 terms)

Please note optional extras offered in support of the compulsory programme will be charged to the Monthly Statement. For example, Band, ICAS Tests, TAS Rugby Carnival, Tuesday Horse Sports, Duke of Edinburgh, Royal Easter Show Excursions, photocopy charges, elective music and drama excursions etc.

Sibling Rebates

Remissions on tuition for families are as follows:

Second Child 20%

Third Child 35%

Fourth Child 90%

Fifth & More 90%


All statements are emailed to a current email address unless otherwise stated and will be payable within 14 days.

Enrolling /New Students

A non-refundable Application Fee of $100 per child is payable on submission of enrolment application.

Once a child is accepted for enrolment a non-refundable $200 Acceptance Fee is payable.

A one-off Building Fund charge of $100 will be applied to the first monthly statement for new students towards the Building Fund.


The School offers Scholarships for Academic, Music, the All-Rounder Scholarship and the Leadership Scholarship for students in Year 5 to Year 12. Information can be gained by contacting The Registrar, Mrs Amanda Darling, or by visiting the Scholarship website page.


Bursary applications may be requested and are independently assessed. Support is provided against identified short term need. Contact The Registrar, Mrs Amanda Darling for further information.

Sundry Costs/Excursions

This is included in the Annual Resource Activity Levy unless for special and/or smaller groups which will be added to the Monthly Statement.

Building Fund

An optional Building Fund of $50 per child/term will appear on Monthly Statements. Although it is voluntary in nature it is tax deductable if paid.

Elective Subject Levy

A Subject Levy is charged to all Year 9/10 elective students studying DAT, Visual Arts and Food Technology. This Subject Levy is billed in addition to Tuition Fees and is charged at a rate of $55 per applicable subject, per term.

Years 11/12 are charged based on materials used, with the exception of Visual Arts and Hospitality where a $310 per annum charge is applicable.


  • A pack with basic stationery requirements is provided for all students from Kindergarten to Year 7 on commencement.
  • Workbooks (where applicable) are also provided on commencement.
  • Both Packs and Workbooks are included in the Annual Resource Activity Levy.
  • Some textbook charges will apply.

BYODD – (Bring Your Own Designated Device)

Year 4 to Year 6 – require an iPad – click here for further information.

Year 7 to Year 12 – require a laptop – click here for further information.


All students in Years 7 to 10 will be issued with a lock for their lockers. Charges will be issued for lost locks. Students in Years 11 & 12 need to supply their own locks. Charges will be issued for damage and cleaning of lockers as required.

Late Payment Fee

The monthly statement is payable within 14 days. Late payment may attract a fee.

Non-Return Policy

If Tuition fees are identified as outstanding at the end of any billed Term the related student/s will be asked to stay home until payment is made in full.


If a student is found to be responsible for damage to School property, the cost of the repairs or replacement will be billed to the student.

Notice of Withdrawal

A full terms notice in writing of the withdrawal of a student from the School must be given.

Refund Policy

Refunds of transactions charged will only be made in limited instances. Contact School Administration Office for further information.