EnEx (Enrich and Extend)

Academically gifted students in Year 4-6, benefit from opportunities for further enrichment and extension through EnEx. EnEx consists of a programme of academic challenges in class, as well as optional after School classes. EnEx students are assisted by their class teacher and EnEx Co-ordinator. EnEx students enter the University of NSW ‘ICAS’ competitions in their nominated area/s of academic excellence and are also involved in external challenge programmes such as the da Vinci Decathlon, Tournament of the Minds and the Solar Boat Challenge. Students are selected following a process of consultation with teachers, analysis of diagnostic testing results, and evaluation of past and current student motivation and application. Participation in EnEx requires students to be self-directed. committed and enthusiastic about their learning. Student’s ongoing participation in the EnEx programme requires an ongoing demonstration of these qualities, both within class and during out-of-class activities.

After School Academic Assistance

K-6 teachers facilitate an ‘After School Academic Assistance’ programme to provide opportunity for students to strengthen academic skills and work to realise their academic potential. Teaching staff are available to provide specific subject based support and assistance in general principles of effective research and study skills. Activities focus particularly on mathematics and literacy, but also include writing and art based activities. Many students simply enjoy the opportunity to take advantage of the excellent school resources in order to complete their homework prior to travelling home.