A strong pastoral care emphasis is maintained throughout Primary classes, supported by established Year 6 ‘Kindergarten’ Buddy programmes and the Peer Support programme.

Student leadership is actively developed, together with opportunities for Year 3-6 participation in the Student Representative Council (SRC).

The School Chaplain and School Counsellor are available to support class teachers in providing pastoral care for all students.

At Scone Grammar School, every student has the right to enjoy a safe and caring environment which promotes learning, personal growth and positive self esteem.

The School is committed to providing this, while acknowledging that each student also has a responsibility to ensure that this environment is maintained.

Bullying and harassment will not be tolerated at Scone Grammar School and is dealt with accordingly.

It is expected that students will behave at all times, in a manner which brings credit to themselves, their families and their School.


Peer Support

Peer Support groups, led by Year 6 students and organised in House groups, run each fortnight in Terms 2 and 3. Year 6 students attend a peer Support Training Camp in Term 1 to prepare for this important role.

The vision of Peer Support Australia is that all young people will be emotionally equipped to care for themselves and others, and make informed and skilled contributions to their communities.

House Groups

There are three House Groups:

Jones House (Blue)

Ledger House (Gold)

Pulling House (Red)

House Groups are named after Headmasters / Head Teachers of the two earlier schools.

School sport and other activities are organised in House Groups.

School Counsellor

The School employs a part time School Counsellor, who is available 3 days / week, to assist students as needs arise. This support may be provided individually or in small groups.

Specific small groups are regularly facilitated to assist students in different areas such as dealing with grief and loss, or dealing with anxiety.

The School Counsellor communicates closely with staff, (including Learning Support staff) and parents, as appropriate, in this important role.