The School holds yearly camps for Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Year 7 to Year 10 camps take place in November when the warm weather allows activities such as kayaking and sailing to take place. Year 11 attend ski camp which normally takes place in week 6 of Term 3.

  • Year 7 Camp

In Year 7 the students take part in a visit to Port Hacking in The Royal National Park. This facility is administered by The Anglican Youthworks organisation. It is a facility that offers mountain bike riding, initiative exercises, canoeing, rock climbing and sailing. It is a great introduction to outdoor activities and the theme is to be a player not a spectator. It encourages students to accept challenges and to work on individual and team skills in order to overcome them. Each morning the students also have a Christian Discovery where they have every opportunity to reflect on God’s word and how it relates to everyday life.

Secondary Canoeing Camp Photo (1170 x 783)

  • Year 8 Camp

In Year 8 students experience a beach camp at Stockton. This is a new camp and is in response to a call for our students to be surf aware. The School has engaged the services of ‘isurf’ which is a Newcastle based surf school. The 4 day course begins with a lesson on the features of the surf and how to read what might be difficult conditions. The students then receive lessons on how to surf and safety awareness. The students are accommodated at Stockton Caravan Park where they will enjoy the 4 and 5 person villas and chalets. The students will cook for themselves on occasions but at other times will enjoy the facilities of The Stockton Bowling Club. It is also proposed to use the ferry into Newcastle and to visit The Merewether Retirement Home and entertain the residents with Christmas carols and other festive offerings. The opportunity for the teachers to be seen in a different environment also fosters positive relationships. The social aspect of young students living in close proximity with each other develops many positive relationships.

  • Year 9 Camp

Year 9 students attend The Barrington Outdoor Education Centre. This facility is on the Gloucester side of The Barrington Tops. The camp is not intended to be a luxurious affair as the facilities are quite basic. Each student will have a night at HQ at the lodge but will also camp on The Barrington River where they will cook and prepare their own meals. Most activities are water based with students receiving learn to paddle lessons on white water rapids. Other activities include rock climbing and abseiling, bush walking, navigation and learning survival skills in the bush. It is a ‘hands on’ camp and encourages active participation. The days are long and full of activity.

  • Year 10 Camp

A new initiative was introduced in 2010 with the Year 10 ‘City Experience’ excursion. In conjunction with the Anglican Youthworks team and Scone Grammar School staff, a programme has been developed that encourages positive leadership, responsibility and compassion. It is hoped that the activities experienced by the students develop a healthy attitude to wealth and poverty. The students stay in the centre of Sydney at The Central YHA where the students budget and prepare some of their own meals. Visits take place to The Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross where the students are given the opportunity to assist in the “oasis’ programme that is administered by The Salvation Army.

  • Year 11 Camp

Year 11 students attend ski camp normally in week 6 of Term 3. They leave very early on a Sunday morning and travel by bus to the Jindabyne Winter Sport and Recreation Camp just outside Jindabyne. It is a 12 hour trip for our students but they cope well and look forward to their first glimpses of snow. On arrival they are assigned to lodges and are measured up for skis or snow boards, boots and clothing hire if needed. In camp they are joined by a number of other schools so the students get an opportunity to interact with other young people. The students have four days of skiing or boarding up at Perisher which includes daily two hour lessons as well as free ski time. The camp cost includes all meals, accommodation, two hour lessons on each of the four days, lift passes, ski hire, night time activities, National Park entry, return bus transport from School and transfers to and from the ski fields. Students arrive home late afternoon on the Friday devastated that the camp they looked forward to during the whole of their secondary schooling is over but happy with the wonderful memories and fun that they have enjoyed!

For further information on any of the above activities, please email Mr Joseph Lynch Deputy Principal Wellbeing